Strategy and Action Plans

The Surrey LIP is committed to developing two Strategies: the Surrey Immigrant Integration Strategy and the Surrey Refugee Integration Strategy. The former was developed and adopted by Surrey LIP Committee / IAR in  March 2016. It was also presented to and adopted by City Council in May 2016. The latter was developed in the fall 2016 - winter 2017 and will be made public in the spring of 2017.

The Surrey Immigrant Integration Strategy: Everyone in Surrey Belongs.

On behalf of the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership, we are pleased to present Surrey’s Immigrant Integration Strategy. It marks the culmination of two years of research and consultation, an effort that has received the input of over 1,000 of Surrey residents, service providers and community organizations. The 2016-2019 Strategy has five main strategic directions and goals:

  1. Accessible Services: Surrey has a robust and fully resourced settlement service infrastructure where immigrants and settlement stakeholders have ready access to the services, supports and information they need.
  2. Engaged Community: Surrey is a welcoming and inclusive city that supports all newcomer residents to belong, make community connections, and actively participate in all that Surrey has to offer.
  3. Meaningful Employment: Surrey has a vibrant economy where employers and businesses fully realize the benefits of immigration and immigrants are economically integrated.
  4. Thriving Youth: Surrey is an inclusive and supportive community in which all immigrant youth have the opportunity to thrive and grow, while enjoying full access to educational, labour market, recreational and family resources and opportunities.
  5. Sustainable Leadership: The Surrey Local Immigration Partnership has a diversity of members, partners and resources to fully address immigrant integration issues within the community, to sustain and expand its initiatives and is recognized as a leader in immigrant community and workforce integration.

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The Surrey Refugee Integration Strategy. Surrey: Our New Home.

The 2017 - 2020 Surrey Refugee Integration Strategy will be available in the spring-summer 2017. The Strategy has four main strategic directions and goals:

  1. Investing in the Potential of Refugee Youth: All refugee youth have the supports and access to the opportunities that will enable them to thrive and grow; this includes full access to educational, labour market, recreational, and family resources and opportunities.
  2. Enhancing Service Capacity and Coordination: Surrey stakeholders understand the needs of refugees and have the tools and resources required to provide comprehensive and coordinated settlement and integration services.
  3. Supporting Economic Self-sufficiency and Inclusion: Refugees in Surrey have access to the information and supports required to become economically self-sufficient and included.
  4. Enhancing Social Inclusion: Surrey's rich cultural diversity is valued by all Surrey residents and the cultural backgrounds and experiences of refugees are a vital part of Surrey's growth and identity as a global city.

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