Our Research

Conducting original research is key to the Surrey LIP’s work in building an equitable and inclusive city. Understanding the changing needs and demographics of Surrey, BC, is one of the first steps in developing meaningful strategies, projects and events.

Here are some of the research reports undertaken by the Surrey LIP Council, as well as its Immigrant Advisory Roundtable and other groups.

Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable (IAR) Dialogue: Newcomers & Civic Engagement Summary Report (February 2019)

This report summarized the findings and conclusions from a dialogue event in January 2019 in Surrey regarding engaging newcomers in the community.

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Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable (IAR) Report: Exploring Newcomers’ Civic Engagement in Surrey (September 2018)

This report summarizes the findings of the Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable’s work in encouraging newcomers’ civic engagement in the community in Surrey.

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Surrey LIP Stakeholder Forum Report (April 2018)

This report offers a summary of the Surrey LIP Stakeholder Forum held in March 2018, which brought together settlement stakeholders to discuss settlement trends and statistics, under the theme of “Telling Surrey’s Story.”

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Informal English Language Learning: A Review of Service Capacity and Demand in Surrey, BC (April 2017)

This research report provided an overview of demand for English language learning and services offered in Surrey.

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Immigrant/Employer Dialogues: Human Capital And Labour Needs Roundtable Series (April 2017)

This report provides an overview of a series of sector-specific Immigrant/Employer Dialogues presented by the Surrey LIP and the Surrey Board of Trade. The series took an innovative approach to discuss labour market challenges and brainstorm solutions.

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True Colours of Surrey Environmental Scan: Anti-Racism Programs and Models (November 2016)

The True Colours of Surrey Environmental Scan identified existing initiatives in Surrey that help combat and address racism, and racial discrimination.

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True Colours of Surrey Project: Survey Report: Understanding Racism and Discrimination in Surrey (November 2016)

The True Colours of Surrey Project: Survey Report provides an overview of the project’s objectives of addressing discrimination issues in Surrey, and provided findings based on a non-random survey of Surrey residents about their experiences with discrimination.

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Surrey is Home: Immigrant Integration Research Project Final Report (March 2015)

The main objective of the Immigrant Integration Research project was to better understand newcomers’ and long-term residents’ perceptions related to immigration to Surrey and Surrey as an inclusive community and explore the sense of belonging among the residents.

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Service Mapping Project Final Report (May 2015)

The main objective of the Service Mapping Project was to identify key trends, strengths and opportunities related to the service system for newcomers in Surrey in order to improve accessibility of services to newcomers. The Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC) was contracted by the City of Surrey, on behalf of the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership (LIP), to achieve this objective by developing an immigrant service inventory.

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