Surrey organization smooths employment path for immigrants
Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Media coverage of Europe’s migrant crisis focuses in large part on the perilous journey many are forced to take to find a better life in a foreign country. But if migrants make it to their destination, they face a new set of hurdles.

When Susan Liu Woronko arrived in Canada at the age of 15 from Taiwan in 1992, she and her family were looking to escape the region’s political turmoil. Taiwan’s independence movement from China was gaining steam, and a missile exercise conducted to scare pro-independence protesters left many fearing for their safety.

Woronko is now a manager with Diversecity in Surrey, a community resources society and registered non-profit agency that offers a wide range of services and programs to those who are new to the country. Woronko said the migrant crisis in Europe has shed light on the challenges faced by those fleeing one country for another.


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Source: Business In Vancouver