Statistical evidence to support the creation and growth of online service provision for new immigrants to Canada
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

   There is compelling anecdotal and statistical evidence to support the creation and growth of online service provision for new immigrants to Canada.

Here is some of it.

Internet and social media use among newcomers

“Among people born in Canada, 75% used the Internet, compared with 66% of those born elsewhere. However, the rate was 78% among immigrants who arrived in Canada during the last 10 years. Most of these recent immigrants live in urban areas.” Statistics Canada 2007

Recent research confirms the trend of newcomers accessing internet, social and mobile technologies. According to Yahoo! Canada’s 2014 Digital Acculturation study, “when it comes to media preferences, new Canadians are digital first, with a particular focus on mobile devices.”


  • “spend four hours per day on their mobile devices, compared to 2.6 hours for Canadian-born residents — that’s 54% more time on mobile.”
  • spend 1.9 hours/day on tablets, compared to 1.5 hours for Canadians.
  • spend less time on desktop computers each day, 3.8 hours vs 4.4 hours/day for Canadians.
  • 69% use online calling or video chatting apps to stay in touch with friends and family.
  • 47% also want to consume media in their native language.

According to Yahoo! Canada, “Traditional media channels including TV and radio are less effective at reaching new Canadians. They watch only 1.5 hours of TV (compared to 2.5 for native Canadians) and listen to one hour of radio (compared to 2.1 for native Canadians) daily.”

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Source: Actively Passive