South Surrey quilting effort to comfort refugees
Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The fruits of an annual effort to make and ship quilts and clothing items to poverty-stricken countries are on display through May 14 at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in South Surrey.

The bounty – 135 full-size quilts, 73 baby quilts, 75 baby layettes and 43 girls’ dresses – was stitched over the past nine months, in support of Canadian Lutheran World Relief’s ‘We Care’ initiative, which sends annual humanitarian-aid shipments from Abbotsford to select countries.

Last year, the effort benefited Nicaragua; this year, it is to support refugees in the M’bera refugee camp in Mauritania, North Africa.

Most of the work is done at the 148 Street church on Tuesday mornings, while some volunteers craft their contributions at home.

According to information provided by church administrator Donna Morris, the quilts are made from patches cut from donated cloth, and most of the baby quilts are the work of two volunteers.

The layettes, she said, contain undershirts, gowns or lightweight sleepers, receiving blankets, diapers, a sweater, washcloths and safety pins; all bundled into a receiving blanket.

And, one volunteer fashioned the colourful girls’ dresses from pillowcases.

This year’s display will be dismantled May 14 for transport to Abbotsford, where it will be “baled” for shipment.

While the local quilting group is winding down for this year, it will resume in September and anyone interested in joining is welcome.

For more information, contact Morris at 604-536-8527.

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Source: Peace Arch News / Tracy Holmes

Photo: File photo From left, Katharina Kunz, Lois Voigt and Edna Elliott with some of the handmade items that wereshipped to Nicaragua last year. This year’s efforts will support refugees in Mauritania.