Results of True Colours of Surrey Survey and Scan now available
Thursday, December 8, 2016

As part of the True Colours of Surrey project, an environmental scan was conducted of programs and initiatives in Surrey and models of collaboration to address racism issues regionally, including across Canada and worldwide.

The aim of the scan was two-fold. First, to identify existing initiatives in Surrey that help combat and address racism, and racial discrimination. Secondly, to identify programs and models outside of Surrey that can serve as examples and catalysts for expanding local community capacity.

In addition to this scan, an online survey of Surrey residents was conducted to explore discrimination in Surrey. The main goal of the survey was to expand our understanding of what kind of racism and discrimination incidents local residents are experiencing, where and why.

Some of the results were surprising. For instance, the most common place for visible minorities to either experiencing or witnessing racism was on public transit, while public transit dropped to third for non-visible minority respondents.

The Surrey LIP summarized the results of both the scan and survey in their eleventh fact sheet.

Explore the results of this survey and environmental scan:

The True Colours of Surrey project aimed to better understand the issues of racism and discrimination in Surrey, highlight some of the promising community models in addressing these issues and engage local stakeholders in working together and exploring innovative approaches to address racism and discrimination in Surrey.

The one-year project was funded by the Province of British Columbia and led by the City of Surrey in partnership with the Surrey LIP Committee and True Colours of Surrey Working Group.