Newcomer Youth Creating Art Together
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

On March 13, 2017, the Surrey Refugee Youth Planning Team held an Art Exchange Collaboration event at Surrey Central Library. This event brought community members together to create flags and paintings with Syrian Refugee Youth. Around 20 people attended and shared great conversations over art, cultural music, and food. The art activities were supported by the City of Surrey’s Community Art Program.

The painting activity is called The Sumi Ink Club, which invited participants to paint together with a single colour. Everyone walked around the table, adding lines over one another's paintings, sharing and contributing to the collective piece. This hands-on activity created an inclusive space for shared discovery and creative risk taking.

The Community Flags activity invited participants to make their own imprints and designs on bunting flags. Each flag is a representation of an individual. When pinned together on a line, it is a strong metaphor for each person’s unique place within the larger community.

All artworks created at this event will be displayed at special events such as the upcoming Newcomer Youth Conference and a special Citizenship Ceremony. Stay tuned for more events as Surrey LIP continues to support newcomer youth connecting with Surrey communities.