NDP call on Liberal government to repeal cessation provisions law
Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Democrat MP for Vancouver-East Jenny Kwan is calling on the federal government to repeal a law brought in by the Conservatives four years ago to crack down on fraudulent refugee cases. 

Kwan, who is also opposition critic for immigration, refugees and citizenship, argues that the cessation provisions of Bill C-31 can unfairly strip former refugees, now permanent residents, of their status if they travel back to their home country.

“Cessation applications are being brought against permanent residents because it is alleged the individuals have re-availed themselves of protection by temporarily travelling back to their country of origin,” said Kwan. “This law effectively created a two tier system for permanent residents. It has nothing to do with fraud or misrepresentation.”

Kwan held a news conference Friday to highlight the case of several permanent residents facing this problem, including 28-year-old Roni Khoshaba, a Christian from Iraq who came to Canada in 2010. He went back home three years ago to visit his dad in hospital with a broken back and leg. But because of that trip the Canada Border Services Agency has applied to strip him of his permanent Canadian residency. 


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Source: Vancouver Sun