Inclusive City Cafes
Friday, September 2, 2016

Are you interested in connecting with members of your community to explore how we can become a healthier and more inclusive city? If so, join us at the Inclusive City Cafes, a series of community dialogues to discuss the challenges and opportunities of living in a diverse community.

Join the moderators every third Wednesday of the month to discuss questions of culture, identity and society.

Surrey is a very culturally diverse city with 40% of the population foreign born, and receives more Government Assisted Refugees (GARs) than any other BC municipality. This rich diversity brings vibrancy and innovation to the City, however both newcomer and "receiving" communities in Surrey are experiencing challenges in adapting to new ways of being and living such a diverse city. 

The Inclusive City Cafes will provide a safe and welcoming space for community members to discuss the challenges and opportunities of living in a diverse community and to start to explore how we can become a healthier and more inclusive City.

This series is a partnership between the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership, the City of Surrey, SFU Philosophers' Cafe, and the SFU Surrey - TD Community Engagement Centre.

September 21st
Do I know enough about other cultures?

Moderators: Faisal Durrani and Rehab Marghany
In 2017 Canada will make the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Our country was built by immigrants who come from different cultural backgrounds. How much we know about different cultures affects our relationships with our friends, neighbours, coworkers and even family members. Curiosity becomes one of the most important qualities for us to live in highly multicultural society.  

October 19th
What do you see more: similarities or differences between cultures?

Moderators: Piyush Mehta and Wafa Al-Jahiri
Canada is a country of immigrants. We all bring different cultural perspectives and traditions that affect our day-to-day lives. However, depending on what one might want to see or focus on, one might notice more similarities than differences between cultures and vice versa. Come and share with us what you see more and why.

November 16th
I am not a global citizen and I am happy about it. What about you?

Moderators: Preeti Hiro and Mayyadah Al-ani
Being a global citizen has become the latest buzzword. The idea is that global citizen’s identity goes beyond any geographic or political borders. It is frequently being associated with global justice. However, “stateless persons” might also be considered global citizens, yet they often lack access to basic freedoms and human rights. What about being a proud Canadian and truly care about what Canada has to offer and expects in return?

December 14th
Is culture somethihng that one is born into, can be learnt or borrowed?

Moderators: Magdalena Mot and Mayyadah Al-ani
Everyone has culture. Culture describes our way of living and some internal factors that affect our behaviour, like our values, beliefs and attitudes that we use in day-to-day life. However, culture is not something that one is born with. People are born into cultures but we can learn and adopt or “borrow” some aspects of different cultures. Come and share with us your successes and challenging in learning and living with different cultures.

Sessions are held at the City Centre Library (10350 University Drive, Surrey), in room 402 from 7:00 until 8:30 pm. These are free drop-in community dialogues.

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Source: SFU Surrey