True Colours of Surrey

The True Colours of Surrey Project is an anti-racism initiative led by the City of Surrey with funds provided by the Province of British Columbia. The initiative took place in 2016 and aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • Better understand racial discrimination issues in Surrey (survey of 500 local residents)
  • Identify models and initiatives to address racial discrimination in the city (a scan of initiatives resulted in an online inventory of anti-racism programs)
  • Bring community together to identify future steps (community forum)
  • Develop a public awareness anti-discrimination campaign (We Are Surrey campaign)

The Project was guided by the Project Advisory Group representing diverse community sectors and local residents. The group provided guidelines on all aspects of the project and was instrumental in the development of the survey, forum format and the campaign conceptual framework. The City of Surrey is a contract holder and a leading agency of the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership (LIP).

The True Colours of Surrey project was a response to the findings identified through Surrey LIP community consultations in 2014-2015, including the survey conducted by the Mustel group in 2014. The survey revealed that over 50% of Surrey residents felt that “discrimination was a problem in Surrey”. These and other findings informed the development of the 2016-2019 Surrey Immigrant Integration Strategy which included a number of actions to increase awareness of and address racial discrimination issues in Surrey.