About Service Mapping

Why do Service Mapping?

The Surrey Settlement Service Map was developed in the initial stage of the Surrey LIP project (2014 - 2015). The main goal was to identify existing settlement service sector assets (what services are available to newcomers?) and gaps in service provision. The Surrey LIP service mapping was seen as critical due to the geographic size of the city, unique immigrant demographics and extensive range of services provided in Surrey. This project is part of a larger research and consultation initiative led by the Surrey LIP, and serves as a foundational study to inform the strategic community planning process in Surrey. 

How was the Settlement Service Map developed?

In December 2014, the City retained SPARC BC to undertake an environmental scan and community research to develop an immigrant service inventory, a survey of social infrastructure service leaders and stakeholders providing services to immigrants and refugees, as well as create a series of maps containing service information and socio-demographic data. One of the objectives of the project was to develop an online map of settlement services and programs. The online map was developed in conjunction with Ion Brand Design company.

The following selection criteria was used to identify settlement services and programs:

  • The program, service or initiative is available to immigrants and refugees and has been demonstrated to positively contribute to the settlement experience;
  • The program, service or initiative is available within the geographic boundaries of the city of Surrey (except where there is a unique service provided outside of Surrey that is critical to the settlement process); and,
  • The program, service or initiative is provided at no cost.

In total, 235 unique settlement programs and services were identified. All programs are listed under six main categories:

  1. Settlement and Refugee services
  2. Health and Nutrition services
  3. English Language services
  4. Employment and Education Support services
  5. Community Integration services
  6. Individual and Family Support services

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