We Are Giving: Jeff Hector

Jeff Hector

Legacy in Action

Canada is called a nation of immigrants, because unless you’re of Aboriginal origin, you can trace the generation that your ancestors “immigrated” to the New World. For Surreyite Jeff Hector, that generation was pre-Confederation.

“It was my great, great-grandfather who came over. He was born in Scotland and then was educated in England,” says Jeff. “He was a lawyer in Toronto, a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada in the mid-1800s.”

Social Sports for Newcomer Kids

Nelson Mandela once said: “Sport has the power to change the world. It speaks to young people in a language they can understand”.  I believe that those words have never been more relevant than today. At SocialSport we see competition as a tool to break down barriers that separate people based on culture, religion or race. With all the horrors going on globally, it's important that we do what we can locally to impact the lives of those who have suffered, and don’t have an equal opportunity in Canada.

The City and Community Came Together To Welcome Refugees

It has been almost a year since the Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable organized a Welcome to Surrey Centre Block Party. Little did the organizers know how their passion to welcome newcomers in the community will materialize into a City-run event that drew an estimated 500-600 residents. The event organized by immigrant residents in 2015 became a template to follow for City staff to organize a larger welcoming event for refugees in Surrey.

The Connector Program is a brilliant idea! says a new immigrant

In my experience as a new immigrant in Canada, the Connector's Program brought to me opportunities as well as psychological comfort. The Connector's Program connected me to Ms. Sabrina Mann who is a valued employee with the City of Surrey. On the first meeting, Ms. Mann and I had a good rapport, open communication and an authentic exchange of thoughts and perspectives regarding settling in Canada and my job search. She was empathetic and provided her genuine insights.

Our Community Our Voice: Reflections by Yansie

Yansie, Community Peer Research Assistant, Spanish speaking

“Being part of the OCOV research project has been an honor and blessing for me. I’ve always known that refugees have the strength to overcome anything, but during this research project I really got to see the depth of it. The struggles that led them to flee their countries and come to Canada for a fresh start. I’m thankful that my participants felt safe enough to talk about their experiences.

Our Community Our Voice: Reflections by Mufaro

Mufaro, OCOV Research Assistant from SFU

“Being a part of the OCOV project is a humbling experience which I am grateful for. It is interesting to get insight into some of the tribulations, as well as triumphs that immigrants encounter when they come to Canada (As I did when I came from Zimbabwe).

Our Community Our Voice: Reflections by Yvonne

Yvonne, OCOV Research Assistant, Recent graduate from SFU

"Being part of this refugee settlement and integration project has been such a pleasure and an honour. I have had the pleasure of working with youth who have lived in the social and economic realities of what it means to be a refugee. All the way from their home countries to Canada they continuously face integration and settlement issues.

Immigrant Residents Are Giving Back to the Community

One of my favourite quotes is by an American anthropologist, Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”  

Over the last year I have been fortunate to work with  a group of hard working individuals, striving to make a difference. The Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable (IAR) is composed of 18 local immigrant and refugee residents who were selected to serve on the IAR based on their impressive community involvement either in Surrey or in their home countries.

The nine habits of highly effective Immigrants!

By Ahmed Nabeel Alvi, a Surrey immigrant resident and volunteer

One of the greatest challenges immigrants face in any country is a lack of direction and strategy to help them settle and excel in their respective professions.

Several countries have developed programs to facilitate new immigrants through various settlement agencies and non-profits organizations. These agencies run workshops, networking events and help immigrants to develop action plans to fulfil their dreams in the new country.


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