Your Services, Your Neighbourhood - Promoting the Updating Service Map

This spring, the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership recently asked its partners for updates to the Service Map and we received dozens of replies! With the input of our partners, we were able to update our Service Map to include over 250 programs, services and supports available to newcomers, immigrants, and refugees in Surrey.

Introducing the Surrey LIP Project Management Team: Mariam Bilgrami

With the Surrey LIP being re-convened by DIVERSEcity, the new Project Management team is being led by Mariam Bilgrami (She/Hers). She will be coordinating the Surrey LIP activities with the support of Laura Mannix, Director of Community Development DIVERSEcity, an administrative and marketing assistant, community partners and consultants who will be engaged for research, evaluation and projects. The vision for the Surrey LIP is a collaborative, community partnership convened to strengthen local capacity to welcome and increase belonging amongst immigrants and refugees in Surrey, BC.

LIP Turns Five in 2019: Interview with Anita Huberman

Co-Chair of Surrey LIP Committee speaks about the challenges affecting newcomers

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LIP Turns Five in 2019: Sport is for Dacious a tool to help newcomers and a way to forget the Civil War!

Interviewed Kristi Pinderi, IAR member. This article is a part of the series Surrey LIP Turns Five in 2019. 

Up to 2003 Dacious Richardson, now a 21-years old student of Douglas College was a happy child living in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, in western Africa.

He remembers the city during that time very clearly. "We used to play under the rain..." he says, “it was one of the best experience I had, while growing up”.

Let's Talk Civic Engagement!

On January 14, 2019, Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable (IAR) hosted an informal Dialogue on Newcomers and Civic Engagement. One of the goals of the Dialogue was to share the results of the IAR Report released last fall. The report identified some key barriers for immigrants to be more involved in their community, particularly in the processes/organizations that make decisions about their community.

LIP Turns Five in 2019: Kue was born in a refugee camp! Now she wants to give back to Canada for saving her

Interviewed Kristi Pinderi, IAR member. This article is a part of the series Surrey LIP Turns Five in 2019. 

Kue K’nyawmupoe was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. Her family, from Karen state in Myanmar (also known as Burma), had to flee the country for security reasons.

Meet Our New IAR Members

Since its inception, the Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable (IAR) has defied all the stereotypes we might have about Advisory Committees. The group was formed in 2015 to represent ‘authentic newcomer voices” in the work of Surrey Local Immigration Partnership but instead of being an ‘advisory body’ that represents different cultures, the IAR speaks to us through the language of true community engagement.

Surrey Refugee Youth Team Wins Social Innovation Award!

Congratulations to the Surrey Refugee Youth Team and Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association (FRAFCA) Indigenous Youth Group for winning a Social Innovation Award for their “innovation in youth”.

Both youth groups were recognized for their work in building solidarity between Indigenous and refugee communities through the Indigenous and Refugee Youth Intercultural Dialogues Project. The award was presented during a special reception, as part of the City of Surrey’s 4th Annual Social Innovation Summit.


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