Your Services, Your Neighbourhood - Promoting the Updating Service Map
June 01, 2018

This spring, the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership recently asked its partners for updates to the Service Map and we received dozens of replies! With the input of our partners, we were able to update our Service Map to include over 250 programs, services and supports available to newcomers, immigrants, and refugees in Surrey.

This online tool allows users to find what supports are available for them in their own neighbourhood.  A tool like this is invaluable in a city with such a large geographic size, diverse population, and unique assortment of needs, barriers, and supports for newcomers.

With so many different organizations coming together to help meet those varied needs, the Surrey LIP and our partners play a key role in the integration process. We are also here to facilitate opportunities for Surrey residents to engage in the integration process. 

In 2017, the Surrey LIP launched our presence on social media, recognizing that this important tool would play an integral role in connecting the community to the work of ourselves and our partners. Through Facebook, Twitter, and the recent addition of Instagram, the Surrey LIP will be coordinating strategic social media plans to promote our resources, our partners, and events and issues important to the community.

Our first promotion begins on June 1st, as we share our “new and improved” Surrey LIP Settlement Service Map, with the tagline “your services, your neighbourhood.” This promotion will run June through the end of July. 

We have created a social media toolkit for our partners and others to use, and ask we that they please help share the Service Map to connect people to services in their community and yours!