Strategies for making progress on a delayed immigration application

Navigating Canada’s immigration system can bring exciting new opportunities but also frustrations – particularly when faced when an application stuck in processing. Delays, lack of updates and prolonged waiting are not only stressful but may result in missed job and academic opportunities, or family separation. In today’s processing landscape, delayed applications are not only common, but broadly felt by applicants across all application categories.

So, what recourse do you have with a delayed application? Thankfully, there are several different strategies available. Each option has its own advantages and drawbacks, requiring careful consideration based on your specific circumstances and often, a multi-faceted approach. Although no single approach guarantees success, these options may resolve your delayed application or at the very least, provide insight into the root cause of the delay.

Check processing times and application status

Although it may be months or even years since you applied, your application might still be within IRCC’s standard processing times. Consult IRCC’s Check Processing Times tool for the estimated processing time for your application type. If your application is still within the standard processing times and you haven’t received a decision, there’s no need to panic. Waiting is often the best course of action at this stage. You can also check your application through IRCC’s Client Application Status tool or your online MyCIC account for status updates.


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Author: SurreyLIP