How to immigrate to Canada as a healthcare worker

Amidst an alarming shortage of healthcare workers across Canada, this article from CIC News will provide an overview of how to immigrate to this country as a healthcare worker and acquire accreditation to find employment.

In September last year, CTV News released a story about three teens who were unable to find treatment at their local hospital, in Clinton, Ontario, due to an early closure of the facility’s emergency room. Specifically, the story notes that their local emergency department closed at 6 p.m. that night, forcing them to drive to another hospital 20 kilometres further away for medical care.

As the story continues, it points out that emergency room closures across Canada are expected to continue “because finding people to work there is a key problem.”

Immigrating to Canada as a healthcare worker
Although the above story is just one example, it serves as a potent signal of a growing issue in this country: Canada needs more healthcare workers. Appropriately, the following will provide an overview of some immigration pathways available to foreign nationals looking to work in the healthcare industry across Canada.


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Author: SurreyLIP