Surrey LIP Member Spotlight: Ewa Karczewska


The Surrey Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is a community partnership made up of more than 30 council members from a variety of groups including cultural, business, academic, health and employment services, who work to help immigrants and refugees thrive in Surrey, BC. Through their collaborative efforts, knowledge and unique skills, each and every one of our council members helps focus our work on local issues and provide the information and data required to make a meaningful impact and build truly inclusive communities. 

In honour of the work they do, the Surrey LIP would like to spotlight our council members to get to know them a little more. This week, we’re spotlighting Ewa Karczewska of ISSofBC, one of the largest settlement agencies in Western Canada. 

Here’s a little more about Ewa. 

 What is your current position title? 

I’m currently the General Manager of Community Relations at ISSofBC 

What does ISSofBC do? 

ISSofBC provides free immigrant services including settlement support, employment programs, English classes and more.  

What do you think the biggest challenge immigrants and refugees face in Surrey today? 

I think some of the biggest challenges include: 

  • Access to affordable housing 
  • Navigating the new systems, programs and services  
  • Access to timely, culturally sensitive medical care 

What are your hopes and/or vision for a diverse, inclusive and thriving Surrey? 

I believe in a Surrey that is inclusive and welcoming. This includes immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities and other minority groups. 

Coffee or tea?   

Coffee with two creams and no sugar. 

What’s your favorite food?  

Mediterranean cuisine.

Author: SurreyLIP