Surrey First Peoples Guide for Newcomers

Read a sneak peek of Surrey LIP’s upcoming Surrey First Peoples Guide for Newcomers here.

In advance of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Surrey Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is proud to announce the development of a Surrey First Peoples Guide for Newcomers. This resource guide, will address misconceptions about Indigenous people and provide clear information about the historic and current realities they experience.  This resource will uncover hard truths, construct a foundation for shared understanding, and continue the important work of building solidarity between the Indigenous and newcomer communities in Surrey.

It will also share information on the importance of land acknowledgements — often done before a gathering, meeting or event to show respect for First Nations and their relationships to this land. Territorial acknowledgements are important because they recognize the long-standing relationships land-based Nations have with the land. By acknowledging the territories, Canadians are taking a small step toward fostering good relations between themselves and Indigenous people.

“Territory acknowledgements are an important recognition but only a starting point in the work we all must do toward decolonization and committing to Truth and Reconciliation,” says Neelam Sahota, co-chair of the Surrey LIP. “The Surrey LIP Council is working toward strengthening better relations between newcomers, migrants and Indigenous people through various initiatives, including the soon to be released Surrey First Peoples Guide for Newcomers.”

If you are interested in receiving more information about the work we are doing at the Surrey LIP, as well as the release date of the guide, email us at

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