Why Some Immigrants Make it in Canada While Others Leave
Saturday, June 6, 2015

They came, they saw, they conquered against all odds. Others went back, defeated.

Don’t be quick to cheer the former and sneer at the latter; more often than not, immigrants to Canada who head back end up making millions elsewhere.

So what’s to blame for their departure? Is it malfunctioning planets, miserable resumes, sub-zero Martian temperatures that take the fun out of job hunting or all of the above?

Statistics Canada says that one in three Canadians leave the country within 20 years of arrival. Yet, close to 50 per cent of the country’s millionaires are reportedly new immigrants or first-generation whiz kids with at least one parent born across the border. 

You have to raise your tuque to them. Only a fraction of this envious lot is partying on inherited wealth. Most of them are self-made successes. How did they do it?

New Canadian Media spoke to five immigrants to Canada to explore the differences between those who stayed, and those who chose to leave. 

Does Higher Education Pay Off Better?

Shuvadeep Mitra says no. A microbiologist from McGill University and University of Toronto, he followed his parents to Mississauga from Bangkok in 2002. He started off as an associate scientist in a reputable firm. However, within two years he realized there was not much scope for growth.

“Canada could not offer my son better opportunities (in the pharmaceutical industry) whereas Denmark gave him the break he needed,” explains Shuvadeep’s mother. “Most of his friends remained unemployed, which further discouraged him to linger on here.” Shuvadeep moved to Denmark where he continues to make major strides in his career. ...

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Source: New Canadian Media. By Joyeeta Dutta Ray